• Staff Swing - 20 Damage
  • Holy Ball - 35 Damage

Super Attacks

  • Super Holy Ball - 90 Damage

About Her in World of Lawl

Angela is the Princess of Altena and the Daughter of the Queen of Reason. Since She was young, Her mother never cared for her and Angela was always alone. She begin causing problem in Altena through adulthood. When she got words to come to the throne room, The Queen of Reason plan on releasing energy from the Mana Stone by sacrificing Angela cause of her lack of magic and bringing shame. Angela teleported away in rage and depression and later escaped to Hectare City, Trying to hide from the guards of Altena.

While hiding in a Inn, She met up with Rachael and Hei who are keeping a look out and agreed to help out. She agreed to let them know about her trouble in the past and why she wish to forget about it. She manage to lose some memories with the help of Red Ruby, Only to be reminded when the Enforcer gave away her location to the guards.

After Rachael, Hei and Kuai went through Altena to get info on the Queen of Reason, They inform Angela that it possible a wizard named Koren was behind her mother agreeing on killing Angela, As well as her ignoring Angela through her childhood. In hope of making Koren pay for what he did, She and the other left to find a weapon called the Sword of Mana, Which hold the most strongest of power.

Story Appear in

Main Story

  • ???

Side Story

  • ???

What If Story

  • ??? (Role Here)

Friends and Enemies

Family Member



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