In No More Anarchy


Appears in

  • Forsaken Arc
  • Justice Arc
  • Infinite Arc
  • Reckoning Arc
  • Revelation Arc

Friends and Enemies

Family Members






Calamity Trigger

  • Debuts: Calamity Trigger 5 (Debut, Emerald Version), Calamity Trigger 6, Calamity Trigger 7, Calamity Trigger 8
  • Styles: Ghoul (CT5-CT6), Ghoul/Nen (CT7-CT8)
  • Ultimate Form: Crystal Black Moth
  • Chain Attack: Thunderbolt
  • Heart Heat Attack: Boombrust (Noviern)
  • Grand Heat Attack: Black Moth Finale
  • Enraged Taunt - Third Generation Moth
  • Disgusted Taunt - Osteoarthritis Since Birth
  • Black Execution - Moth Day Forever
  • Soul Exchange - Shocking Wing

Intro Dialogue (Hero)


Arata II: Kitty-chan! Oh, the joy of fighting like this!

Vs. Self

Arata II: Twin? Clone? Love?

Arata II: Is this the real one?

Arara II: Or it's just fantasy! You decide! :D

Vs. Katsuki

Arata II: You son of a bitch!

Katsuki: What can I say, heroes always win!

Arata II: I wanna be one, too! :D

Vs. Haise

Arata II: Boi! You're not Uncle Kaneki!

Haise: I am Haise, and I don't remember you...

Arata II: Look like his wife is free then! :D

Vs. Touka

Arata II: Oh my gosh! Kaneki's Wife.

Touka: You know I'm your father's sister, right?

Arata II: I wanna rub your thigh like butter! :D

Vs. Hinami

Arata II: I don't wanna do this...

Hinami: It's OK, my child, fighting is a form of art.

Arata II: Mommy! The Kids are having sex again! :D

Vs. Renji

Arata II: Am I special, uncle?

Renji: Yes. But this battle will be a test for your power.

Arata II: I love you forever! :D

Vs. Akira

Arata II: The Joker arrive for the Killing Joker.

Akira: Still being an amateur punk.

Arata II: Please don't steal my jelly! :D

Vs. Lincoln

Arata II: The comic book hero.

Lincoln: I'm shocked you can still be positive about me.

Arata II: I wanna dye my hair white soon! :D

Vs. Ayato

Arata II: Otō-san!

Ayato: Promise me to don't do easy on me, kids.

Arata II: Please spank me, daddy! :D

Vs. Luan

Arata II: The killing joke has arrived.

Luan: Wow, an comedy gold for my gimmick.

Arata II: Please sit on my face, Louds! :D

Vs. Yuya

Arata II: I heard you're a Urolagnia?

Yuya: W-Why do you even know that?

Arata II: My sister was a bed-wetter! :D

Vs. Rupert

Arata II: I'm sorry, but you look at mama pretty funny.

Rupert: Ha, man, I'm taken! I'm not going to steal her away. o-o

Arata II: Liar gets eaten to death! :D

Vs. Octavia

Arata II: An challenge of insanity! I like it!

Octavia: I meet sub-human, but not ghouls like this.

Arata II: Did you know I'm your nephew-in-law now? :D

Vs. Thanos

Arata II: Infinity War don't happen as long as I have that Gauntlet!

Thanos: You can't master the power of the gods!

Arata II: But I don't feel so good! :D

Intro Dialogue (Vigilante)


Arata II: ...Batter Up.

Vs. Self

Arata II: I want nothing with my clone anymore.

Arata II: Quick, let's revive Leslie Nielsen.

Arata II: That's so 1994.

Vs. Deku (1)

Arata II: Deku-chan! I alway wanted payoff for your failure.

Deku: Please, Arata...we can revive your mother soon.

Arata II: That's not going to stop the League of Villains, fucker!

Vs. Deku (2)

Arata II: You acted the same way if your mother and All Might died...

Deku: That's not going to happen if heroes remind alive.

Arata II: You're so black and white with your story, Deku-chan.