Brutal Wrestling Madness (B.W.M.) is a privately held professional wrestling promotion held by Hectare City founded by Adam Jackson and was also gains controlling share with Mary Blazefire.

List of Pay-Per-View Event

  • Against the World
  • Final Stop
  • Starmania
  • Doomday
  • Golden Night
  • PayDay
  • Trauma Danger
  • Summerfeast
  • Cyber Blast
  • Lockout
  • Route of War
  • Silent Winter

List of BWM Superstars

  • Xavier Cass
  • Mark Freeman (BWM World and Hybird Impact Championship)
  • Jillian Hondo
  • Greyson Rocks
  • Alex Rotunda
  • Danny Kennedy
  • Crimson Knox
  • Blood West
  • Ray Irvine (BWM Tag Team Championship) 
  • Dennis Knife 
  • Edward Anarchy (BWM Tag Team Championship)
  • Apollo Pesto
  • Matt Breaker
  • Kei Tokyo
  • Spike Cardona
  • Thaddeus Simpson
  • Franklin Bear
  • Robbin Eli
  • Diego Yoshi
  • Brutus Force
  • Orlando Prime
  • Cicero Burn
  • Harold Vegas
  • Zema Hair (BWM Tri-State Championship)
  • Patrick Parmeter
  • Finn Extreme
  • Gary Betts
  • Sami Steen
  • Vector Waston
  • Carlo Yoshi
  • The Unknown
  • Feliz Machine
  • Zeus Anarchy
  • Cory Anarchy
  • Durdle British
  • Teak Tekkie
  • Crazy Danio
  • Sparky Max
  • John Reso 
  • KON
  • Nathan Sabertooth
  • Morgan Blueprint
  • Jamma 


Championship Superstar Event Previous Champion
BWM World Heavyweight Championship Mark Freeman BWM Xavier Cass
BWN Tri-State Championship Zema Hair BWM Crimson Knox
BWN Hybrid Import Championship Mark Freeman BWM Dennis Knives
BWM Cruiserweight Championship Half Flood Elite BWM Jemma
BWN Tag Team Championship Edward Anarchy and Ray Irvine BWM Kei Tokyo and Jillian Hondo

Other accomplishments

  • TBA

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