Calamity Trigger 3

Calamity Trigger 3: The Revival is the second sequel to the Calamity Trigger series, being a spin-off to Mega Madness and No More Anarchy.



Calamity Trigger is a 2D fighting game where players can create a team of fighters consisting fot both battle and support characters to fight against an enemy team in a 1-on-1 match. The main objective in the battle is to take out all fighters of the opposing team either by reducing their health to zero or by having more remaining health in total than the opponent when time runs out.

Every fighter can perform either a weak, strong, or special attack, which can be combined together to perform multiple combos, that is also viewable in controls screen in the pause menu. Most combos can be canceled out by a Hyper Dash, which can allow a fighter to perform more combos. The game also features a Spirit Gauge, which can initially charged up to Special Attack. 100% be used to perform Special Attacks while 150% for a Units Special Attacks.


  • Normal Style
  • Angel Style
  • Demon Style
  • Witch Style
  • Shadow Style
  • Metal Style
  • Nexus Style
  • Weather Style
  • Mobius Styles
  • Brute Styles
  • Ghost/Reaper Styles
  • Saiyan Style
  • Ink Styles
  • Mecha Style
  • Antis Style
  • Flame Style
  • Fairy Style
  • Symbiotic Style
  • Nergaling Style
  • Mutant Style
  • Stand Is Fighting Style
  • Parasite Style
  • Zodiac Style
  • Dragon Style
  • Raptor Style
  • Aura Style
  • Sky Knight Style
  • Ghoul Style (DLC)


  • Exhibition
  • Story Mode (Revival)
  • Online Mode
  • Shop
  • Create Mode
  • Training
  • Options

Playable Characters


Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
The Avater Player Hacking Device Custom The Revival
Steven Star Star Pluck Normal
Shadow Spoon
Fiona Blazela Blazing Hectare Normal Isabella's Fire
Harold Tock 4,000 Degree Axr Techno Heat Made Irony
Joseph D. Francis Steel Dart Normal Steel Made
Cyclone Wind Blades Normal Eye of the Cyclone
Roxie Nickels Pink Saber Normal Watermelon Special
Tom Smith Shotgun Normal Mimi Fighter
Phillip Dendsuki Dendsuki Shield Normal Dendsuki Power
Elizabeth Valentine Pink Heart Normal
Special Eyes
Wally Ryan Poetic Justice Normal
Angel Lung
Jason Mitchell Liontamer Normal Canadian Stampede
Billy Bobs Motor Shotgun Blades Metal Mad Billy Rage
Bruce BlazeStar Star Blaze Shadow Phoenix Tornado
Thomas H. Francis Tin Sword Demon King Throne
Shad Irvin Hook Sword Normal Eagle Heart
Lloyd Arcs Wolf Killer Normal See No Evil
Max Waker Wax Maker Normal Waxy Waking
Lucas Windblade Wind Gloves Normal
Stormy Night
Chase Wolf Wolf Rader Normal Wolf Pack Striker
Nunchuck Dude Dual Nunchuck Normal Nunchuck Rage
Kenchia Icy Blade Normal Blizzard Call
Andrew Stardrop Star Weather Normal
Weather Voice
Oscar South Gem Cannon Techno Gem Knight
Starla Crystal Staff Witch Last Chancery
Samurai Jack Samurai Katana Normal Back to the Past
Johnny Bravo Purple Hair Comb Normal Handsome Stunner
Jack the Hedgehog Orange Spindash Mobius Ogre Wrath
Patricia the Skunk Pink Orb Mobius Angel Wing
Layla the FoxShunk Witch Bloom Mobius
Toxic Gas
Donato Strange Magic Eye Normal Raggadorr's Rings
Peter Dunbar The Siegfried Normal Prototype Warrior
Razor Blazefire Star Drago Dragon Dragon Rage
Sabrina Blazefire Star Psychic Shadow
Golden Mind
Bruce Greyson Dark Knight Blaster Techno Dark as Night
Raphael Star Star Savior Normal Mournful Cloud
Hei Kazama Devil Gene Demon Devil Hei
Yang the HedgeSkunk Fury Nunchuck Mobius Gang Hammer
Steven Jr. Anarchy Star Plunk II Angel
Wing of Light
Jack Majikina Star Bow Shadow Ryukyn's Child
Crow Anarchy Star Darkwing Normal BROKEN Blackwing
Wiz Banana Monkey Staff Normal Wilson Glasses
Charles Vesa Jigsaw Blade Normal Shark Attack
Justin Sawday Sawday Scythe Mutant Drowning Pool
Jessie Abyss Unforgiven Mask Normal Decay-4-Life
Steve Smith Dual Sabers Normal American Geeks
Toshi Yoshida Lighting Yoshida Katana Normal Thunder Tiger
Young Cricket Onion Normal Mantis Style
Fredrick Diamond Diamond Drill Flame
Heavy Driller
Black the Hedgehog Chaos Guns Mobius Super Black
Gingka Storm Storm Fist Saiyan SSJ Gingka
Shiro Ink Minus White Ink Black Brother
Kuro Ink Plus Black Ink White Brother
Steve Caraway Power-Arm Lance Normal
Daddy Caraway
Dean Brawl Brawl Fist Normal
White Nexus Knight
Brie May Beauty Fist Normal Sweet Sweet May
Devin Explosion Devin Bomb Normal
Red Nexus Knight
Tank Miles Miles Mimi-Gun Normal
Orange Nexus Knight
Lita Magic Magic Rabbit Aura Rabbit Trick
Jessica Blood Blood Fang Demon Crimson Liquid
Pearl White White Tail Human
Black Sandy Beach
Steel Metal Flash Metal
Yellow Nexus Knight
Luna Fey Moon Normal
Maiden Luna
Jim Homicide Homicide Tooth Normal X-Tooth
Bret Astronomanov Astro-Rocket Techno Mother's Wish
Dee Dee II Red Bow Normal Tri-Puff
Rorek the 2nd Light Chains Demon
Twin Sister Hug
Henry Sorcerer Dark Magic Demon Sacred Blood
Garnett Storm Aerosmith Sword Normal Machine Gun Prince
Oilver Creed Aura Gloves Aura Peaceful Headaches
Terry Spencers Rocket Fire Flame Relentless Fire
Fear the Ripper Crimson Scythe Reaper Jack the Ripper
Christian Lead Lead Blades Normal Lead Master
Ashley Red Witch Cherry Taste
Dodger Wall Claw of Sweetness Normal Twister Devil
Ronald Gat Saints Reaper Normal
Violent Shade
Eddy Steele Clown Mask Normal Crazzy Eddy
Austin Slasher Lone Wolf Sword Normal
Jacob Marks Crush Town Gunwrist Normal Robin Wild Wests
Danny Star Star Ghost Normal
Phantom Star
Hawkeye Nevarl Knives Normal Golden Steps
Kung Jin Bow Normal Bulleye
Max Gallade Stand is Fighting Steadfast
May Blaziken Stand is Fighting Blaze
Jeff Fischer Weed Normal Zebleer
Joseph Belmont The Belmont Whip Normal Vampire Hunter
Joel Anarchy Star Guitar Ghost Ghost Switcher
Mark Freeman M-FREE Normal Gonna Be a Fight Tonight
TJ Friday Suicide Mask Normal Happy Day Suicide
Zema Hair Hair Spray Normal Kali Ma
Angelo Punk Yo-Yos Normal Still Swingin'
Papyrus Blue Heart Normal COOL DUDE
Undyne Green Heart Normal
True Hero
Mettaton Yellow Heart Metal
NEO Special
Shawn Voltage Red Lighting Normal
Blue Nexus Knight
Yuya Heiwa (Original) Number 7 Normal Game Over
Belowski Ao Number 2 Normal Blue Eyes Smackdown
Samantha Appleton Royalist Pistol Normal Curvy Heart
Alex Winters Beach Day Knife Normal Beachs For Lovers
Tanya Riley Silver Katanas Normal Samurai Love
Cacie Brennan Strawberry Rifle Normal Special Assistant
Rupert Charming Rebellion Fist Normal Rebellion Warrior
Zachary Phillips Platinum Pistol Normal The Architect
Daniel Toshida Titanic Katana Normal Southern Armor
Kizer Genesis Night Rider Chest Normal
Sunshine Killer
Shind Hasashi Kunai Reaper Scorpion Wrath
Moondust Star Dust Normal
Zuma the Large Red Scarf Brute Unstoppable Rage
The Great Quickdini Black Jacks Normal Full House
Peacemaker Blass Knuckles (Peace and Maker) Normal Love Handle
Serafine Fire Witch Mask Witch Scared Fire
Reira Akaba C/C Critical Eye Normal Help Is On The Way
Nergal Jr. Nergal Glasses Nergaling Child of Nergal
Eddy Feast Spoon and Fork Swords Normal Forbid Dinner
Jeff Goldbullet Golden Pistol Normal Golden Fang
Kevin Lifeness Lifeness Claw Normal Claws Ripper
Shadow Cloakstopper Shadow Cloak Shadow Time Crisis
Boost Bass Bass Pistol Tencho Come Back for More 
Snowball Bunny Hammer Normal Candy Joy
Ze the Changer Stone Staff Normal Cyber Stone
Joey Crawler Spider-Arm Blade Normal
Gentleman Dinner
Owl Thunder Midnight Knives Normal Evil Eclipse
Wilson Carl Jones Healing Sword Normal Spoiler Blade
Slash Master Sazh Rader Techno Insane Swordsman
Nando Roserade Stand is Fighting Technician
Rare Hunter Ai Rare Sword Normal Diamond Duster
Toby Core Mecha Core Master
Orendi Chaos Eye Normal
Mayhem Queen
Micani Golosa Thunder Bee Sword Normal Northern Lighting
Catia Willow Sting Whip Normal Parasite Eater
Soldier: 76 Classic 76 Normal Soldier Last Stand
Reinhardt Earthshatter Metal Justice Tank
D.Va Bunny Mech Mecha Gaming Princess
Goku Jr Four-Star Dragon Ball Saiyan SSJ Goku Jr.
Shenron Star Star Power Saiyan
SSJ Shenron
Blizzard Kori Blade Weather Frostbite Master
Simon Mist White Fang Saber Human Second Coming
Grace Mist Solar/Luna Staff Aura Third Rise Up
Vector Shadows Ski Flash Normal Skate or Die
Robin Murakawa Thief Dagger Normal Amazing Huntress
Lincoln Gilliam Emerald Sword Normal Altar Warrior
Tommy Lynn Trashman Normal Trash Can Baby
Mimi Her Claws Demon Speed Puff
Jin Blader Blaster Sword Normal Blade Master
Wally Beetles Numbuh 4 Normal Four Fries
Napstabot Light Blue Soul Metal Crying DJ
Mugen Blaster Stab Gun Normal Man of Fire
Prohyas Warrior Mummy Magisword Normal Bro Warrior
Vambre Warrior Lobstar Claw Magisword Normal Sista Warrior
Carlito Church Bloody Claws Nexus Brown Nexus Knight
Misty Felix Red Kitty Nexus Pink Nexus Knight
Nicholas Sanda Blue Snow Fairy Snow Fairy
Grim Junior Nergaling Scythe Reaper
Sister Eye
Seth Hero Gardener Shield Normal Shell Smasher
Red Riding Hood Chainsaw Sword Normal Unchanted Forest
Dipper Pines Pipe Tree Zodiac Zodiac Dipper
Mabel Pines Shooting Star Zodiac Zodiac Mabel
Grunkle Stan Crescent Moon Zodiac Zodiac Stan
Soos Ramirez Question Mark Zodiac Zodiac Soos
Wendy Corduroy Ice Bag Zodiac Zodiac Wendy
Umeji Naganori Wendy My Dear Normal Frozen Pink
BLU Soul Chest Metal Totally Blue
Koyama Sen Classic Radio Techno Life Invader
Busket Head Busket Brute Feeling Clum
Waka Vulture The Claw Sword Normal Sexy Boy
Clip Carambe Yellow Ring Normal
Golden Ape
Dehorena Thunder Fist Normal Princess of the Southern Bee
Courage Yo-Yo Normal The Cowardly Dog 
Dib Membrane Gray Face Techno Eccentric Power
Aya Drevis Red Chainsaw Normal Father's Quiks
Hoss Delgado Metal Fist Normal
Irwin Mummy Fangs Reaper
Reginald Skarr Evil Carne Con Mecha
Spawn Spawn Mask Reaper
Hope Anarchy Rainbow Wing Fairy
Perla Stardrop Rainy Wing Fairy
Giovanna Gat Yeager Saints Fairy
Marybeth Iced Bird of Ice Fairy
Kuroki Akasuki Akasuki Blades Fairy
Eleanor Rosa Kitty Blade Normal
Ewan Stevens Stevens Gunman Normal
Damiano Cicio Andreotti Blood Figures Reaper
Syafiq Iqbals (Guest) A90 Normal
Helmet (Guest) Triple Buster Techno
Aerrow (Guest) Storm Hawks Sky Knight Second Chances


Character Relic Symbol Side Desperate Struggle
Kukumi Ishizuka Pink Heart Normal Ishizuka Warm Heart
Paul the Merchant Limber Normal
Ralph Star Star Wolf Shadow Wolf Slayer
Jacker the Demon Robot Invader Cults Metal Armored Beast
Explander Battle Horns Metal
Clawer Light/Dark Claws Metal
Anti-Steven Anti-Star Plunk Antis XANA Star
Stockgil Fallen Angel Katana Angel
Demon Stockgil
Stockny Gat Black Saints Shotgun Demon
Saints Stockny
Jean Hunter Orange Tail Normal
Conner Jigsaw Toxic Fang Normal
Trace Sky Sky Limit Break Metal
Danny Stardrop Twin Star Raindrop Shadow
Unknown Lester Needles Glove Metal
Elisa Lostness Milky Way Sword Shadow Shadow Witch
Dimitri Blade Cross Posion Blades Shadow
Maxwell Sins Neos Blaster Shadow
Shadow Ace Grunt No.25 Dancing Ace Gloves Shadow
Robert Young Sapphire Hammer Normal
Londen Donnel Ruby Sword Normal
Vegas von Bluster Time Breaker Dragon Metal
Dreaded Z Z Metal
Edward Anarchy Star Wolf Normal Lunatic King
Dodger Wall Candy Claw Normal
Hercules Anarchy Star Wrecker Brute
Leo Irvin Cat Katanas Normal
Metal King Lion
Judgement Day Aero Metal
Apocalypse Beast
Carnage Symbiotic Claw Symbiotic
Jesse Aracdboy1 Techno
Steven the Third Enforcer Normal
Rick the Crocodile Chatioc Ring Mobius
Hook-Arm Undead Hook Mutant
Mutant Nemesis
Mad Light Busted Lightbulb Techno
Pure Brachion Bull Horns Brute Raging Bull
Victor Motors Raging Motor Metal King of the Road
Jaguar Fatales Wind Daggers Normal
Cyber Joker Arcana Knight Joker Shield Metal
Solid Mercer Stone Valley Mutant
Death Wish Metal Skull Mutant Fallen State
Kurt Anarchy Star Angle Brute The Beast of Heaven
Phantom Riddler Element Balloon Reaper Balloon Lover
Bones Bone Sword Reaper
Sans Gaster Blaster Normal
Razor Blazefire (Chara) The Knife of Drago Dragon
Eraser of All World 
Octavia Baxter Vangards Normal Tainted Sister
Llewellyn Travis L.T. Normal Phenomenal Gunslinger
Hector Abrhams Muscle Fist Brute
Troy Hancork Nails Normal
Enoki Shigeru Glass Eye Normal
Yuya Heiwa (Bersark) Chaos Number 7 Reaper Bleeding Rage
Joyce Neon Shockwave Skull Techno
Jokestar the Clown Killing Joke Buzzer Normal Man of My Words
King Irwin Tiger Fist Normal
Flint Genesis Phantom Saber Mecha
Tri-Borg Cyber Kin Kuei Metal
Razorfane Teknos Metal Tenkos Takeover
Dark Angel Arcane Angel
Yuri Manga Number 8 Normal HERO Master
Tobias Darkari Stand Is Fighting Bad Dream
Armando Ramos Golden Summer Chain Normal
Zeke Phillips Armed Dragon Claw Normal Chaos One Dragon 
Olivia Baxter Winged Kuriboh Normal
W. D. Gaster Gaster Blaster Reaper
PC Justice Star Justice Normal Shadow Hatred
King Nemestock Parasite Eye Parasite
Reaper Reaper Skull Reaper
Doc Black Corrsive Orbs Normal
Ricky Bomber Mega Bombs Normal
Kable Karve Stand Is Fighting
Ren Mundo Mumdo Slicer Normal
Nora KaBoom Ka-Boom Hammer Normal
Lewis Golden Heart Reaper
El Sombra Shadow Mask Normal Eagle Wrestler
Whitefang Mikey Whitefangs Normal
Kira Hisoka Blade of Haze Normal
Morrison Werewolf Money Eye Normal
Mizuchi Sarina Mind-Reading Pen Normal
Kane the Master Kane the Knuckles Normal
Axel O'Brian Magma Guns Normal
Kenneth Diesel Diesel-Power Sniper Normal
Vegeta Jr. Capsule Corporation Saiyan
Chi Kitty Chi Demon
Silver Heart Charming Silver Heart Mutant Stupify Toy Maker
Kaibaman Blue-Eyes Reaper
Black Friday Black Suicide Mask Antis
Lone Vanguards Black Platinum Pistol Antis
Demongo Blue-Flames Demon
Throns on Aku
HIM Speed Demon Demon
Marx Death Death Sword Nexus
Red Nexus Knight
Claymore Burner Dark Flames Reaper
Spike Grass Green Plant Nexus Green Nexys Knight
Toxic McLovin Toxic Skull Nexus Purple Nexus Knight
Minnie Nergaling Raptor Nergaling
Civila Violent Claw Parasite
Dexter Sargeal'Thor The Book of Light Normal
Anubis The Hanged Man Noose Reaper
Coyote Silverstein Silverstein Pistol Metal
Zydias Golden Apple Normal
DAMON 5 Lance Arm Normal DAMON Mask
Azrial Blazefire Star Blue-Blaze Shadow Shadow Azrial
Redeemer Redeemer Mask Angel
Ford Pines Six Fingers Hand Zodiac Zodiac Ford
Gideon Gleeful Pentagram Zodiac Zodiac Gideon
Robbie Valentino Stitches Heart Zodiac Zodiac Robbie
Pacifica Northwest Ilama Zodiac Zodiac Pacifica
Old Man McGucket Pair of Glasses Zodiac Old Man McGucket
Mandy Queen Bitch Human
Grim Reaper Grim Head Reaper
December to Dismember Parasite Claw Parasite
Richard Skull Skull-Maniac Chain Normal
Boogeyman Left Hand of Horror Demon
Creeper Boogie Bay Tools Demon
Zim Irken insignia Techno
Alfred Drevis Doll Chainsaw Normal
Highway Star GOGO! Metal Shadow Highway
Anti-Steven Jr. (Normal) Anti-Star Rebirth Anti Shadow Junior
Anti-Steven Jr. (Matured) Anti-Star Raptor Anti
Shadow Ripper
Romoe McQueen Montague Reaper
Cassia Anderson Ajetz Normal



Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Dio Blonde Boy Knifes Normal
Goodbye Aya
Jason Lunar Dual Lunar Pistols Normal My Sweet Thing
Wakata Genesis Swallow Emerald Mecha Mementos Reboot
Jack-O-Stein Pumpkin Clown Reaper Night of a Thousand Frights

Missing Link

Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Vivi Lars Butterfiles Knives Normal
Donny Abodo TNT Armstrong Normal
Barron Johnny Blade Metal-Crawl Metal
Brian Mind Mind Gloves Aura
Tyson Spencer Bionic Arm Normal
Albatross Crimson Phoenix Demon


Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Dawn Piplup Stand is Fighting
Paul Electivire Stand is Fighting
Alain Charizard Stand is Fighting
Cynthia Garchomp Stand is Fighting
Gladion Silvally Stand is Fighting
Guzma Golisopod Stand is Fighting


Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Megaman Volnutt Servbot Head Metal
Travis Touchdown Tsubaki Normal Tiger Touchdown
Josuke Higashikata Crazy Diamond Stand Is Fighting
Robotboy Toy-Mode Metal
Taizo Hori Pooka Normal
Bray Wyatt Wyatt Lamber Human

Lawl with Garterbelt

Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Bender Shiny Metal Ass Metal
Trevor Phillips Gasolina Tank Normal
Johnny Gat Saint Symbol Normal
Reiko Himomoto Rumble Rose Normal
Talim Syi Salika & Loka Luha Normal
Fluttershy (EQG) Angel Bunny Normal


Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Alex Vesa Chainsaw Boss Normal
Casey Wilson Time-Breaking Eye Normal
Clyde Alpha Music Note Eye Normal
Jerrod the 2nd Undead Chains Normal
Zeus Anarchy Player One Star Angel
Kimberly Blade Toxic Scythes Demon

Angel Wings

Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Pippa Harris Leafy Knuckles Normal
Dixie Mae Clementine Rosey Pistols Normal
Sara Bennet Spices Katanas Normal
Mia Uchiki Northern Light Pistol Normal
Emily Marshall Seaside Pistol Normal
Tammie Williams Peppermint Nightstick Normal

Vanguards Arrival

Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Sarge Hollow-Point Bullet Normal
Damien Choatch Life Killer Normal
Tristan Thevenet Light-Speed Mecha Mecha
Hayes Delaney Dead-Shot Sniper Normal
Chris Amperage Maximun Amperage Nightstick Normal
Chance Singleton Sheer Mortom Cold Mecha

Age of Overwatch

Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Tracer Pulse Core Normal
Winston Primal Rage Normal
Hanzo Dragonstrike Normal
Genji Dragonblade Metal
McCree Deadeye Normal
Bastion Metal Ganymede

Retribution Arc

Character Relic Symbol Styles Desperate Struggle
Wallace Maverick Blade of Maverick Normal
Travis Renegade Steam Pump Sword Normal
Watanuki Kayoko Beautiful Ducky Normal
Quincy Beltboy Belt-Made Machien Gun Normal
Aleister Metal Ranzer Dragon Normal
Eren Yeager Survey Corps Normal Attack on Titan
Ken Kaneki Black Reaper Ghoul Nameless King
Touka Kirishima Rabbit Ghoul
Scaramouche Tuning Sword Metal
Trinity Wilder Moss-Man Clawer Normal
Hendrik Gauntlet Blood Position Sword Vampire
Layne Gamble Ocean Gun Normal Greedy Diver
Akira Kurusu (Joker) Arsene Stand is Fighting Phantom Wild Card


  • Hectare City - LINK City
  • Passionate Street - New Order Ruined
  • Dusk Street - Montague Street
  • Dreaded Wasteland - Darkside Kingdom
  • Enforcers Pitts - Zombie Riot
  • Castle of Riddler - Around the Moon
  • New Home - Speed World
  • Vanguards Ice Storage - Vanguards Research Facility 
  • The Jokestar's Playground - Flint's Machine Garage
  • Arcane's Lost Forest - Tenkos's Ancient Ruins
  • Ramos Temple - The XANA Lab
  • Hex-Side City - Coldare City
  • Southern Bee Island - Northern Wasp Island
  • City of Aku - Talon's Black Market
  • Artist Estate - Inside the Silver Heart
  • HIM-City - Nightosphere
  • Halloween Town - Castle of Grim
  • Northwest Mansion - Drevis Mansion
  • Skull Resistance - The RIFT World 
  • Lockdown Arena - Mementos (DLC)

Special Attacks

  • Steven Star - Broken Slash Wave, Starboy Hell Slash
  • Fiona Blazela - Isabella Heat, Pure Hectare Bomber
  • Harold Tock - Time Bomb Reactor, Nightmare Heat
  • Joseph D. Francis - Iron Maniac, Steel Dart
  • Cyclone - Gangsta Paraside, Tornado Finale
  • Roxie Nickels - Heroine Nautral Color, Pink Lemonade
  • Tom Smith - Young Guns, The Big Score
  • Phillip Dendsuki - Raman Shield, Classic Dendsuki
  • Elizabeth Valentine - Oblivious Blast, Smartie Eyes
  • Wally Ryan - No More Words, Out of Breath
  • Jason Mitchell - Canadian Stampede, Liontamer
  • Billy Bobs - Déjà Vu, Route 22
  • Bruce BlazeStar - Project 7, Darkness Drill 
  • Thomas H. Francis - Throne Room, Steel Horns
  • Shad Irvin - Yeager Fly, Fishing for Gold 
  • Max Waker - Droppin' Plates, Wax Maker
  • Lloyd Arcs - Tombstone Driver, Wolf Killer
  • Lucas Windblade - Starship Pain, Wind of Change
  • Chase Wolf - Bullet Soul Rider, Bullet Shot Silver
  • Nunchuck Dude - Nunchuck Palm, Nunchuck Slam
  • Kenchia - Icy Plancha, Icy Wolf
  • Andrew Stardrop - Samurai Draw, Weather Master
  • Oscar South - Gem Punch, Harem Gem Blaster
  • Starla - Rosey Ice Pillar Ice Prism Voltekka
  • Donato Strange - Bolts of Balthakk, Aztral Magic
  • Peter Dunbar - Plasma Ripoff, Matter Eraser
  • Razor Blazefire - Razorfire, Knight Flame-Wing
  • Sabrina Blazefire - Sabrinafire, Princess Flame-Wing
  • Bruce Greyson - Titan Falls, Justice Rise
  • Raphael Star - Edenian Ones, The Choosen Ones
  • Hei Kazama - Penetrating Fists, Demon Avenger
  • Yang - Spindash Smash, Nunchuck Impact
  • Steven Jr. - Star-Copter, Rebirth
  • Jack Majikina - Butterfly, Scarlet Scar
  • Crow Anarchy - Black Thunder, Pecking Wedge
  • Wiz Banana - Discus Forearm, Monkey Magic
  • Charles Vesa - Bite Me, Venom Blood
  • Justin Sawday - Killer Moth, Carnivore Moth
  • Steve Smith - Wheels and the Legman, American Boy
  • Toshi Yoshida - Abba-Zaba, Lightning Rapid Slash
  • Young Cricket - Onion Slicer, Onion Training
  • Frederick Diamond - Diamond in the Ground, Burning Drill
  • Black - Mug Attack, Execution Chaos Spears
  • Gingka Storm - KameHameKa, Dragon Fist
  • Shiro Ink - I, Positive Side
  • Kuro Ink - Am, Negative Side
  • Steve Caraway - Big Papa Stunner, Regal Spear
  • Dean Brawl - Melee Uppercut, Ultimate Retaliate
  • Brie May - Hip Disaster, The Brie Bust
  • Devin Explosion - Fried Dynamic Kid, Demolition Blowout
  • Tank Miles - Ride This, St. Bullet Masssacre
  • Lita Magic - KaDabra, Bunny Trick
  • Jessica Blood - Darkstalkers, Naughty Nightmare
  • Pearl White - Peach Breaker, Moonlight Gas
  • Steel - Nesbitt Rocket, Change of Heart
  • Luna Fey - Fey Kick, Maiden Fey
  • Jim Homicide - Spanish Fruitfly, X-Factor
  • Bret Astronomanov - Astro-Rocket, Corrupting Astro-Blast
  • Dee Dee II - Ice Breath, Tri-Laser Blast
  • Rorek the 2nd - Soul Crush, Trigon's Chains
  • Henry Sorcerer - Nosferatu, Diablo's Blood
  • Garnett Storm - Air Boom, Airbource Slice
  • Oilver Creed - Cross to the Future, The Peacekeeper
  • Terry Spencers - Rockstar Rocket, Bitter Taste of Rockets
  • Fear the Ripper - Black Diamond, Crimson Night
  • Christian Lead - One, Lead
  • Ashley - Red's Assassist Song of Ashley
  • Dodger Wall - Sweetness, Orange Favor Claw
  • Ronald Gat - Heavy Loadout, Saints Reaper
  • Eddy Steele - Bang Bang, Clown Riot
  • Austin Slasher - Austin Flash, Lone Wolf
  • Jacob Marks - Roundabout, Crush Town Style Gunfight
  • Danny Star - Plamsa Slash Wave, Going Ghosts
  • Hawkeye - Rouge Wanderer, Clash of the Nevarl Sand
  • Kung Jin - Staff Infection, Target Practice
  • Max - Close Combat, Shattered Psyche
  • May - Brave Bird, Inferno Overdrive
  • Jeff Fischer - Burning Man, Smoking Van
  • Joseph Belmont - Holy Water Stun, Belmont Wrath
  • Joel Anarchy - Uranage, Killswitch Engage
  • Mark Freeman - Paroxysm, Regal Slam
  • TJ Friday - Forearm Clash, DOA (Dead On Arrival)
  • Zema Hair - Filipino Destroyer, Classic Hair Spray
  • Angelo Punk - One Night Stand, Sweet Sweet Tangled
  • Papyrus - Annoying Dude, COOL DUDE
  • Undyne - Undying, Spear of Justice
  • Mettaton - Quiz Show, Death by Glamour
  • Yuya Heiwa (Original) - Berserker Soul, Champion Rider
  • Belowski Ao - Card of Demise, Mokey Mokey Smackdown
  • Samantha Appleton - Princess Bullet, Royal Pain
  • Alex Winters - Lovely Losers, Teen Beach Party
  • Tanya Riley - Silver Stab, Shiny Slash of Blossom
  • Cacie Brennan - Relations Favors, Lovely Pink Shot
  • Rupert Charming - Rashberry Knee Taste, Rebellion's Soul
  • Zachary Phillips - So Heartless, Platinum Seven Swords
  • Daniel Toshida - Titanum Slice, The Sneak Attack
  • Kizer Genesis - Beauty Shot, Night Rider Sunshine
  • Shind Hasahi - Toasty!, Who's Next?
  • Moondust - The Clone Wars, The Power of TORR 
  • Zuma the Large - Deep Sixteen, Matter Destroyer
  • The Great Quickini - The Definition of Joker Face, The Best Magic Trick
  • Peacemaker - Sweet Shin Music, Two Punch Express
  • Serafine - Arcane's Blood, Witch Trial
  • Reira Akada - Flim Work Mirror, CCC Sonic Halberd
  • Nergal Jr. - Sis's Hug, Nergaling Flash
  • Eddy Feast - A Fine Dish, Curry Slice
  • Jeff Goldbullet - Hunter Edge, Golden Bullet Shot
  • Kevin Lifeness - Claw-work Blues, Gore for Me
  • Shadow Clockstopper - One Minutes Day, Shadow Time Stop
  • Boost Bass - Bosst to the Past, The Coolness of the Band 
  • Snowfall - Realize Bunny, Easter Wreck
  • Ze the Charger - Stone Heart, Mists of the Stone
  • Joey Crawler - Spider Dance, Maximun Slash Attack
  • Owl Thunder - Falling in the Black, Midnight Bliss
  • Wilson Carl Jones - Dude Buster, WCJ Special
  • Slash Master - Blade Pulse, One Trillion Slash Attack
  • Nando - Toxic, Bloom Doom
  • Rare Hunter Ai - Anicent Structure, The Golden Truth
  • Toby - Mega Core, Core Discharge
  • Orendi - Gut Ripper, Paradigm Shift
  • Micani Golosa - Thunder Slam, Southern Bee Hips Attack
  • Catia - Parasite Kiss, Willow Blood
  • Soldier: 76 - Sprint Blast, Tactical Visor
  • Reinhardt - Fire Strike, Earthshatter
  • D.Va - Boost Magic, Nerf This (Self Destruct)
  • Goku Jr. - Dymanic Kick, Ultimate Kamehameha
  • Shenron Star - Masenko, Kame-Slash-Ha
  • Blizzard - Deep Freeze, Frostbite Stomp
  • Simon Mist - Mist Claws, Make no Difference
  • Grace Mist - Mist Fling, Sky Blue Cutie
  • Lincoln Gilliam - Force Gem-Slasher, Emerald Killer
  • Mimi - Devil Scream, Devil Hands
  • Tommy Lynn - Trashout Rollout, Garbage Day
  • Vecter Shadows - Skate4Live, Shadow Mark
  • Robin Murakawa - Soft Tombstone, Murakawa Rear View
  • Jin Blader - Hollywood Day, Slash-Made City
  • Mugen Bruster - Hollywood Day, Bullet-Hell Sky
  • Wally Beetles - Rainbow Magic Party, Number 4 Pranked
  • Nasptabot - Pathetic House, Death of Synths
  • Prohyas Warrior - Boulder Launch, Mummy's Hands
  • Vambre Warrior - Electric Eel Shock, Lobstar's Claws
  • Carlito Crunch - In the Doghouse, Brutal Doghouse
  • Misty Felix - Meow Meow, Cat Booty In Yo Face
  • Nicholas Sanda - Cold Shoulder, Snow Day
  • Grim Jr. - Soul Robber Claw. Down Under Hell
  • Seth Hero - Shield Blaster, Gardna Breaker
  • Red Riding Rood - Wolf Slayer, Happily After Ever
  • Dipper Pines - Pipe Tree Slash, Gravity Falls
  • Mabel Pines - Waddles Launcher, Shooting Star Waddles
  • Grunkle Stan - Smoke Bomb Mug, Lefthook Crensent
  • Soos Ramirez - Paused, Problem Solved
  • Wendy Corduroy - Freaking Corduroy, Iced Axe
  • Umeji Naganori - Man In Pink, Yakuza Kick
  • Koyama Sen - Radio Bomb, Jet Set Hacking
  • BLU - Jump Connent Slam, Blue Thunder Striker
  • Busket Head - Rough House Lariats, Darth Valley Driver
  • Waka Vulture - Blind Fool, How I Look
  • Clip Carmabe - Lucky Ring Flash, Ring of the Beast
  • Dehorena - The Whip of Thunder Bee, Lightning Booty Strike
  • Courage - Nutscracker, Scream of Danger
  • Dib Membrace - Chemcal Hunt, Toast
  • Aya Drevis - Chainsaw Stab, The Frame Egg
  • Hoss Delgado - Iron Fist Slam, Spectral Extreminator
  • Irvin - Mummy Eater, Scrape and Lick
  • Reginald Skarr - Half-Plant, Garden King
  • Spawn - Necroplasm, Consequence
  • Hope Anarchy - Magical Slash Wave, Rainbow Blitz
  • Perla Stardrop - Diamond Figure, Weather Forecast
  • Giovanna Gat - Disco Funk, Yeager Saints Queen
  • Marybeth Iced - Vanilla Ice, Icy Fates
  • Kuroki Akasuki - Lost Blades, Beauty Like Me
  • Eleanor Rosa - Eleanor Bite, Hello Hello Kitty
  • Ewan Stevens - Ewan Super Bro, Ewan Wonder Flash
  • Damieno Cielo Andreotti - Diet Finale, Prefect Like Me
  • Aerrow - Tornado Blitz, Lightning Blade Strike
  • Agito90 - Fate of the Card, H-S-B
  • Helmet - Head Caution, Burn it Down
  • Kukumi Ishizuki - Pink Day, Amazing Hip Attack
  • Paul the Merchent - Lumber Slapper, No Refused
  • Ralph Star - Wrap Slash Wave, Wolf Style Blade
  • Jacker the Demon Robot - Staff Stabbing Frost, The Ice Age
  • Explander - Kill the Swtcih, Destroyer of Men
  • Clawer - Throught of Bleach, Darker Than Black
  • Anti-Steven - Chaos Slash Wave, Anti-Voltekka
  • Stockgil - Ivory's Cuse, Dark Angel Enter the New Order
  • Stockny Gat - Ebony's Cruse, Killed The Sinners
  • Jean Hunter - Hunter Spin, Another Way Out
  • Conner Jigsaw - Jaws of Toxic, Crunchy Gunks
  • Trace Sky - Windy Takeover, The Boss of Parasite
  • Danny Stardrop - Stomach Slash Wave, Shadow Eater of the World
  • Unknown Lester - The Act of Acupuncture, Stay Alive
  • Elisa Lostness - Rings of Satures, Gravity Destroyer
  • Dimitri Blade - Wasteful Stab, Black Wastes Cross
  • Maxwell Sins - The 21th Hitman, Neo-Flash Blaster
  • Shadow Ace Grunt No.25 - Rule 63, Duwang!
  • Robert Young - Brutal Swing, Sapphire Earthquake
  • Londen Donnel - Red Flame Slash Wave, Ruby Slice Massive
  • Vegas von Bluster - Dragon Eater, Deletion of the Timeline
  • Dreaded Z - Z Flash, Age of Z
  • Edward Anarchy - Wacky Line, Dirty Deed Done Under
  • Hercules Anarchy - More Than Myth, Go the Distance
  • Leo Irvin - Lion Battle Royale, Lion Roar
  • Judgement Day - The Beginning of the End, The End is Here
  • Carnage - Torment, Cyber Carnage
  • Jesse - Train Fatality, The Jesse Invasion
  • Steven the Third - Running Knee Buster, SKO
  • Rick the Crocodile - Crocodile Flip, Chatioc Rage
  • Hook-Arm - Hook Shit Bleeder, Back From the Dead
  • Mad Light - Flash the Darkness Away, Light Out
  • Pure Brachion - Horm Impact, Running With the Bulls
  • Victor Motors - Over the Road, Motor City Victor
  • Jaguar Fatales - Ancestors's Drafter Dream, Call of the Wind
  • Cyber Joker Arcana Knight - Full House Stabber, Texas Hold'em Classis Style
  • Solid Mercer - Grave Maker, Stone Death Valley
  • Death Wish - Spider Bite, The Death Crawl
  • Kurt Anarchy - Angle Smasher, Twister Slammer
  • Phantom Riddler - Suprise, Balloon Party Time
  • Bones - Bone Figure, Structure Kingdom
  • Sans - Poison Bone, Megalovania
  • Razor Blazefire (Chara) - Charafire, Dragon Genocide
  • Octavia Baxter - Sociopath's Slits, Hollow Bullets Barrage Attack
  • Llewellyn Travis - Lieutenant Marksman, Sex Pistols Flash
  • Hector Abrhams - Split Low Blower, Rocket Punch Fist
  • Troy Hancork - Unusable Test, The Prefect Experimental Test
  • Enoki Shigeru - Yakuza Bash, Yakuza Curb Stomp
  • Yuya Heiwa (Bersark) - Bersark Blast, Gatling Stab
  • Joyce Neon - Great Trick from the 4th Wall, Thor Size Hammer Slam
  • Jokestar the Clown - Shocking Bastard, Killing Joke
  • King Irwin - Face Busting Big Boot, Pop-Up Powerbomb
  • Flint Genesis - Temple Factor, Phantom Slicer Saber
  • Tri-Borg - Cyber Initiative, Death Machine
  • Razorfane - Buzzsaw Attack, Teknos Tormentor
  • Dark Angel - Spiral Tap, Arcane Obelisk
  • Yuri Manga - Fake Hero, H.E.R.O.
  • Tobias - Ominous Wind, Endless Nightmare
  • Armando Ramos - Glass Knuckles Trick, Friendship Uppercut
  • Zeke Phillips - Ripper Stabber Dragon, Number One Armed Dragon
  • Olivia Baxter - Multiply, Transcendent Wings
  • W. D. Gaster - Mystery Man, Hyper Goner
  • PC Justice - Justice Slash Wave, Hatred Justice Slayer
  • King Nemestock - Chest-Plate Punch Massrive, The Author of Nemestock
  • Reaper - Shadow Shot, Death Blossom
  • Doc Black - Chloroform Suffering, Corrsive Blackout
  • Ricky Bomber - Awesome Bomb Special, RIP-Bomber
  • Kable and Karve - Karve's Claw/Kable's Scythe, Outlaw Prologue
  • Ren Mundo - Shining Wizard Man, Ren-zid of Oz
  • Nora KaBoom - The Golden Gal, Starship Ka-Boom
  • Lewis - Vivi, Freaking Out
  • El Sombra - Dragon Bomb, Lucha Launching Finale
  • Whitefang Mikey - Whitefang Lariant, Whitefang Fury
  • Kira Hisoka - Kats Master, Swallow the Darkness
  • Morrison Werewolf - Million Dollar Dream, Good Ol' Payday
  • Mizuchi Sarina - Low Hanging Ink, In Love with a Artist
  • Kane the Master - A Blast to the Past, Time-Skip
  • Axel O'Brian - Elephant Stomp, Burning Eruption
  • Kenneth Diesel - Jackknife, Diesel-Power Head-shot
  • Vegeta Jr. - Capsule Suprise, Final Flash
  • Chi - Cat and Mouse, Idol of the Underworld
  • Silver Heart Charming - Jumpspace Master, Life-Device Puppet Master
  • Kaibaman - Crush Card Virus, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
  • Black Friday - Dirty Eye Raked, DOA (Dead Or Alive)
  • Lone Vanguards - Claw Hold, Black Diamond Killer
  • Demongo - Soul Collecter, Lord of Essence
  • HIM - The Devil's Puzzle, Speed Demon
  • Marx Death - Dice Dueler, Death Match Stab
  • Claymore Burner - The Ice Wall, Fury King
  • Spike Grass - Root Ingrain, Man Eating Plant
  • Toxic McLovin - Drunken Fool Play, Gunk-King
  • Minnie - Doll Time, Endure Raptor Dice
  • Civila - Rocket Claw, Violet Blood Breaking
  • Dexter Sargeal'Thor - Cut the Coil, Revealing Light
  • Anubis The Hanged Man - Judging Fates, Lynching of the False Emperor
  • Coyote Silverstein - White Made Silverstein, Rockstar Silverstein
  • Zydias - Golden Apple, Discord Ripper
  • DAMON 5 - Lance Reckoning Rift, Legacy of the DAMON
  • Azrial Blazefire - King Fire Wave Slash, Silver Dragon
  • Redeemer - Andy Tear, Heavenly Finale
  • Ford Pines - Infinity Sided Die, Blast to Another Dimension
  • Gideon Gleeful - Sinking Flashlight, Big Ol' Gleeful
  • Robbie Valentino - BROKEN, Bleeding Stitches
  • Pacifica Northwest - Buster Slap, Miss Gravity Falls
  • Old Man McGucket - Memory Eraser Gun, Fiddleford McGucket
  • Mandy - Death Glace, Underworld Queen
  • Grim Reaper - Death Awarness, The Empire of Death
  • December to Dismember - Christmas Eve, New Year's Revolution
  • Richard Skull - Funk it Up, Skull Bash Dick
  • Boogeyman - Draining Life, Meet Your Nightmare
  • Creeper - Fire in the Poop Desk, Creppy Turning Point
  • Zim - Spider Leg Stabber, A Room with the Moose
  • Alfred Drevis - Monika, Tainted Love
  • Highway Star - Sucker Punch, GO! GO! Dystopia
  • Anti-Steven Jr. (Normal) - XANA-Slash Wave, Re-Create
  • Anti-Steven Jr. (Matured) - Primal Slash Wave, Re-Riter
  • Romoe McQueen - Mercuito's Beat Down, Tragedy in Montague
  • Cassia Anderson - Victory Road Queen, Ajetz Hit the Street
  • Dio - Burn Everything Alive, Farewell
  • Jason Lunar - Lunar Flash, Moonlight Eclipse
  • Wakata Genesis - Genesis Reboot, Shakedown Hacker
  • Jack-O-Stein - Something Good to Eat, Burning Scarecrow
  • Vivi Lars - Youth Lover, Bullerflies Slicer
  • Donny Abodo - TND, The Great Bash
  • Barron Johnny Blade - Crowbar Man, Switch Breaker
  • Brian Mind - Mind Breaker, Mind Flash
  • Tyson Spencer - Nova Punch, Short Circuit
  • Albatross - Bridge Albatross, Malchior's Flame  
  • Dawn - Drill Peck, Hydro Vortex
  • Paul - Thunder Punch, Gigabolt Havoc
  • Alain - Dragon Claw, Blast Burn
  • Cynthia - Dragon Rush, Draco Meteor
  • Gladion - Tri-Attack, Multi-Attack
  • Guzma - First Impression, Savage Spin-Out
  • Megaman Volnutt - Drill Uppercut, Maximun Power Shining Laser
  • Travis Touchdown - Strawberry on the Shortcake, Anarchy in the Galaxy
  • Josuke Higashikata - Glass Launcher, Watch Your Mouth
  • Robotboy - Robo-Laser, Super Activation Strike
  • Taizo Hori - Jack Hammer, Cave In
  • Bray Wyatt - Uranage, Sister Abigail
  • Bender - Fire Burp, Bite My Shiny Metal Ass
  • Trevor Phillips - Classic Gasoline, Mist Rampage
  • Johnny Gat - Saints Flow, Gat Out of Hell
  • Reiko Himomoto - Sunrise Suplex, Lock Type Zero
  • Talim - Pure Breeze, Wind of Bliss
  • Fluttershy (EQG) - Hamstocalypse, Power of Kindeness
  • Alex Vesa - Chain Made Clutch, Blood Made Vesa
  • Casey Wilson - Golden Gate Stunner, Twisted Eye Beam
  • Clyde Alpha - Echos Rollback, Hyper Voice
  • Jerrod the 2nd - Arcade Dropper, Deadly Dragon Bite
  • Zeus Anarchy - Over Easy, All Hail Zeus
  • Kimberly Blade - Chemical Kiss, Rejected Love
  • Pippa Harris - Shellshock, Forest Knockdown
  • Dixie Mae Clementine - Sexist Headshot, Rowdy Gun Roses
  • Sara Bennet - Big Sis Stabber, Crystal Didn't Break
  • Mia Uchiki - Powder Snow, North Pole Scarf
  • Emily Marshall - Ocean Made Gal, Dire Whirlpool
  • Tammie Williams - Night Made Spanking, Little Miss Tammie
  • Sarge - Scar for Life, Firing Squad
  • Damien Choatch - Shading Pegidee, Asphyzia Sleeper Hold
  • Tristan Thevenet - French Kiss, Paris Glass
  • Hayes Delaney - Jazz Hand, Breakthought Headshot
  • Chris Amperage - Voltage Rage, Umlimit Hellzone
  • Chance Singleton - Bowling for Ice Cream, Breaking the Ice
  • Tracer - Pulse Bomb, Totally Recall
  • Winston - Tesla Unlimited, Primal Rage
  • Hanzo - Scatter Arrow, Dragonstrike
  • Genji - Scatter Shuriken, Dragonblade
  • McCree - Flashbang, Deadeye (It's High Noon)
  • Bastion - Iron Ram, Assault Sentry
  • Wallace Maverick - Maverick Takeover, Maverick Finale Slash
  • Travis Renegade - Stream-Pump Breaker, Wolf Rush
  • Watanuki Kayoto - Kayoko Wave Slasher, Beautiful Duck
  • Quincy Beltboy - Helpful Shooter, King Belt Whipper
  • Aleister Metal -Power Reflector, Chimeratech Chaos
  • Eren Yeager - Titan Slayer, Attack Yeager
  • Ken Kaneki - Kaguna Eater, Kakuja Stabber
  • Touka Kirishima - Lighting Bird, Crstallized Burned
  • Scaramouche - Flute Magic, Merciless Assassin
  • Trinity Wilder - Tiger Suplex, Dirty Digging Dotty
  • Hendrik Gauntlet - Blood Sucker, Bite of the Living
  • Layne Gamble - Dver Shooter, Diver Stealer
  • Akura Kurusus (Joker) - Treasure Calling Card, Sinful Shell

Unit Special Attacks






Main Themes

  • Monster (Starset) [Main Theme 1]
  • Judas (Fozzy) [Main Theme 2]
  • Hail To The King (Avenged Sevenfold) [Main Theme 3]

Stage Music

  • Hectare City - LINK City
    1. New Land (Avatar)
    2. Firefiles (Breaking Benjamin)
    3. Reject Yourself (Killswitch Engange)
    4. Enemies (Shinedown)
    5. Lights Go Out (FOZZY)
    6. Put Your Lips to the TV (Project 86)
    7. Burn Bridhter (Lansdowne)
    8. How to Burn One Night (Season to Attack)
    9. Another Song About The Weekend (A Day To Remember)
  • Passionate Street - New Order Ruined
    1. Erase My Scars (Evans Blue)
    2. Leave It All Behind (Cult To Follow)
    3. Lay Your Money Down (The Exies)
    4. Take It All (Zididada)
  • Dusk Street - Montague Street
    1. Something New (Rev Theory)
    2. Coming For You (The Offspring)
    3. Evil Angel (Breaking Benjamin)
    4. Fractured (Taproot)
  • Dreaded Wasteland - Darkside Kingdom
    1. Bulletproof (Young Guns)
    2. Heavy (The Glourious Ones)
    3. There and Back Again (Daughtry)
    4. My Damage (The Product)
    5. Whispers in my Head (ONLAP)
  • Enforcers Pitts - Zombie Riot
    1. Are You Coming With Me? (Crown The Empire)
    2. Race Against Myself (The Offspring)
    3. Rise Up (Cenacle)
    4. Sticks & Bricks (A Day To Remember)
    5. Think (Drowning Pool)
    6. Downfall (TRUSTcompany)
    7. Word Up (Korn)
    8. This Ain't The End Of Me (White Comic)
    9. Bully (Shinedown)
    10. Before the Fall (September Mourning)
  • Castle of Riddler - Around the Moon
    1. Famous (Ruddle of Mudd)
    2. Same Old Trip (Chevelle)
    3. The Test (FOZZY)
    4. Can't Stop (Prething)
  • New Home - Speed World
    1. Lights Out (Breaking Benjamin) [Papyrus]
    2. Same Old War (Our Last Night) [Sans]
    3. Feel Invincible [Undyne]
    4. Killing Our Memories (Fable) [Mettaton]
    5. Swan Song (Set It Off) [Angelo]
    6. Far From Over (Rev Theory) [Donato]
    7. Not This Time (Fuel) [Dunbar]
    8. Kingdom Come [Cold Driven [Hercules]
    9. Watch You Crawl (RED) [Leo]
    10. Stay This Way (From Ashes To New) [Razor}
    11. Charlie Wants To Watch (Greyson)
    12. Walk Away (Five Finger Death Punch) [Sabrina]
    13. The Devil Made Me Do It [Chara]
  • Vanguards Ice Storage - Vanguards Research Fatality
    1. Worth Dying For (Rise Against) [Yuya]
    2. Come Back For More (Turnstile) [Belowski]
    3. The Architect (Aerolyn) [Samantha]
    4. Strong (Throught Fire) [Winter]
    5. The Last Song (12 Stones) [Tanya]
    6. Renegade (Manafest) [Cacie]
    7. Shock Me (Baroness) [LT]
    8. Make Some Noise (The Crystal Method) [Abrhams]
    9. Paranoia (A Day to Remember) [Toshida]
    10. Asylum (Disturbed) [Hancork]
    11. Price to Play (Staind) [Enoki]
    12. Serpents (Neck Deep) [Octavia]
    13. Falling Apart (TRUSTcompany) [Berserk]
  • The Jokestar's Playground - Flint's Machine Garage
    1. Baby Hate Me (Danko Jones) [Rupert]
    2. Hell Yeah (Zebrahead) [Kizer]
    3. Like It Loud (Sleeping With Sirens) [Joyce]
    4. Unstoppable (Motionless In White) [Zuma]
    5. Threat Level Midnight (Neck Deep) [Owl]
    6. Twisted Transistor (Korn) [Moondust]
    7. Ghost (Square Hammer) [Quickdini]
    8. The Church of Hot Addiction (Cobra Starship) [Peacemaker]
    9. Fire with Fire (The Letter Black) [Serafire]
    10. The Game (Disturbed) [King]
    11. Circus for a Psycho (Skillet) [Jokestar]
    12. Feed (Sevendust) [Flint]
    13. Over-Throne (Hacktivist) [Triborg]
  • Arcane's Lost Forest - Tenkos's Ancient Ruins
    1. Ready to Roll (Jet Black Stare) [Zachary]
    2. Breaking the Silence (Breaking Benjamin) [Reira]
    3. The Response (Cinema Sleep) [Nando]
    4. Stones (Manafest) [Ai]
    5. From The Bottom (Shallow Side) [Austin]
    6. Gone (Fuel) [WCJ]
    7. Lonely Train (Black Stone Cherry) [Caraway]
    8. The Fool I Am (Sidewise) [Shiro]
    9. Out of My Way (ONLAP) [Kuro]
    10. Broken (12 Stones) [Tobias]
    11. Bullet With A Name (Nonpoint) [Yuri]
    12. Driven (Sevendust) [Razorfane]
    13. Rise From The Ashes (Stria) [Dark Angel]
  • Ramos Temple - Anti-Steven Lab
    1. Love Will Leave A Mark (RED) [Feast]
    2. Bullet With Your Name (Scars Of Light) [Goldbullet]
    3. Murder Melody (Cut To Follow) [Lifeness]
    4. Come And Get It (I Prevail) [Cloakstopper]
    5. Ties That Bind (Alter Bridge) [Crawler]
    6. Enemy (Sevendust) [Ramos]
    7. You Want It (The Fallen State) [Dodger]
    8. Happy (Bring Me The Horizon) [Astronomanov]
    9. Deadly Game (Theory of a Deadman) [Homicide]
    10. Over and Under (Egypt Central) [Zeke]
    11. Narcissistic Cannibal (Korn) [Olivia]
    12. Monster (Disturbed) [Anti-Steven]
    13. Get Some (Chevelle) [Gaster]
  • Hex-Side City - Coldare City
    1. Rise (Skillet)
    2. Chinese Democracy (Guns N' Roses)
    3. Injection (Rise Against)
    4. Right On Time (Am Conspiracy)
    5. Destroy the Obvious (Evans Blue)
    6. Hate (Drowning Pool)
    7. Cut the Cord (Shinedown)
    8. Trivium (Black)
    9. Game On (Disciple)
  • Southern Bee Island - Northern Wasp Island
    1. Frontline (Pillar)
    2. Still Alive (ONLAP)
    3. White Rabbit (Egypt Central)
    4. Stricken (Disturbed)
    5. I Will Remain (The Veer Union)
    6. Still Waiting (Sum41)
    7. My Addiction (Shallow Side)
    8. Polyamorous (Breaking Benjamin)
  • City of Aku - Talon's Black Market
    1. Stronger (Trust Company)
    2. Alive And Kicking (Nonpoint)
    3. Sick of It (Skillet)
    4. Won't Back Down (Fuel)
    5. Had Enough (Breaking Benjamin)
    6. My Funeral (Dope)
    7. Words So Hollow (Control)
    8. From The Bottom (Shallow Side)
  • Artist Estate - Inside the Silver Heart
    1. Dead Cell (Papa Roach)
    2. Stitches (Allele) 
    3. Stupify (Disturbed)
    4. The Real Me (Stria)
    5. Without You (Breaking Benjamin)
    6. I Want To Live (Skillet)
  • HIM-City - Nightosphere
    1. Devil's Calling (Parakway Drive)
    2. Breakin' Outta Hell (Airbounce)
    3. From A Cage (Envoi)
    4. Unknown Soldier (Breaking Benjamin)
    5. I Ain't Your Savior (Bullets and Octane)
    6. Your Goodbye (Downstait)
    7. Crash (Decyfer Down)
  • Halloween Town - Castle of Grim
    1. Reap (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
    2. Decadence (Disturbed)
    3. Out Of My Way (ONLAP)
    4. Worlds Away (From First To Last)
    5. Sold Me (Seether)
    6. Nothing Remains (Evalyn Awake)
  • Northwest Mansion - Drevis Mansion
    1. Perfect Life (RED)
    2. Gonna Be a Fight Tonight (Danko Jones)
    3. Not This Time (Fuel)
    4. Martyr No More (FOZZY)
    5. Hated You From Hello (Downplay)
    6. Burn (Dangerous New Machine)
    7. Fade Away (Breaking Benjamin)
    8. Well Enought Alone (Chevelle)
  • Skull Resistance - The RIFT
    1. Loud (Motionless in White)
    2. Driven (Sevendust)
    3. Follow Me (Breaking Benjamin)
    4. Down (Thousand Foot Krutch)
    5. Happy? (Mydvayne)
    6. Last Night On Earth (Powerman 5000)