In No More Anarchy


Story Appear in

  • Showtime Arc
  • Enforcer Arc
  • Rebellion Arc
  • Authority Arc

Friends and Enemies

Family Member

  • Albert Sartre (adoptive father)
    • Rosalia Rossellini (adoptive sister)
  • Sad Panda (wife)
    • Rosalia Muller (daughter)
    • Grace Muller (daughter)



Calamity Trigger

  • Debuts: Calamity Trigger 5 (Debut, Ruby Version), Calamity Trigger 6, Calamity Trigger 7, Calamity Trigger 8
  • Styles: Normal
  • Ultimate Form: Healing Soul
  • Chain Attack: Scorch Shot
  • Heart Heat Attack: It Was Me
  • Grand Heat Attack: The Resurgam Incident
  • Enraged Taunt - Soft Touch
  • Disgusted Taunt - Stolen Memories
  • Black Execution - Pass On Baton
  • Soul Exchange - Healing Touch

Intro Dialogue


Erhard: Like an disease, this battle will pass from this world forever.

Vs. Self

Erhard: I face myself...

Erhard: And you shall battle me.

Erhard: Let this be our future ends!

Vs. Gangsta Overload

Erhard: You're never reach Rosalia. Not in an million year.

Gangsta Overload: You're mistake me for my allies of the graves.

Erhard: Grave or not, I refused to let Rosalia ended up like me and Avala!

Vs. Sickness

Erhard: If by any fair, your creation wasn't cause by the Cumberland College Incident?

Sickness: Do I look like I'm bleeding, you blind retarded!

Erhard: Sorry, just...father...

Vs. L

Erhard: Remind me of that Tennis Game with Kira.

L: An high class between two ideals.

Erhard: Somehow, I felt envy over you.

Vs. Dio

Erhard: The Enforcer Day still haunt me...

Dio: Why mention it? You fear about something?

Erhard: Letting another mutant invasion happen over my bias.

Vs. Deku

Erhard: You know, I heard of an fair crossover with All Might.

Deku: What about it?

Erhard: Did the hero "Captain Eagle" help?

Vs. Yuya

Erhard: How's that heart of your, Mister Heiwa?

Yuya: Heart's an awful feelings...I wanna die...

Erhard: CVD. I'm sorry, Yuya. Please forgive me...

Vs. Daniel

Erhard: An single loaded wrist-mounted shotgun, create to cause grievous wounds.

Daniel:'re the one that save Yuya bad there...

Erhard: Even during an hellzone, everyone life matter...

Vs. Hancork

Erhard: You're losing control, professor...

Troy: Eccentric is my charm of my character, no matter what.

Erhard: ...Why do I even try...

Vs. Shigeru

Erhard: There's something not right here...

Enoki: The fuck you want, Enforcer Freak!

Erhard: Dishonored from the Yakuza, but you're still have 10 figures....

Vs. Zachary

Erhard: Mister Phillips. Hand me every detail about your former boss....

Zachary: Tough nail, he's an hidden bastard...

Erhard: But. his creation can save the world if Vanguards didn't evil.

Vs. Octavia

Erhard: Look like it's an blood test, m'lady.

Octavia: For what! I'm healthy!

Erhard: An sociopath love didn't normal in some cases...almost guilt like.