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In Universe of Lawl

Little is known about Mariko beside the fact she had a deep hate for Nasumi for beating her in a tournament and willing to stop at nothing to try to kill her. She was last seen in a middle of a fight till Nasumi was stopped by Steven Star and left, Remaining hidden for countless of years through out history.

Some time after the end of the Zombie Era, She came out of hiding and hijack the weapon store to get some new goods for her revenge and even manage to hijack the Grace Night Force Base to steal Pretty Bomber bombs. However, Even with more weapons in hand, She lost to Steven and Nasumi daughter "Lesley Star". Admitting defeat, Lesley manage to help Mariko out, Seeing how Mariko never did got the chance in winning a battle. However when both of them came across Half Flood Elite, They both manage to fought him off and won, Making it Mariko first victory. Afterward, She learned to set her selfishness behind to fight for good.

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  • Nasumi (Formally)