Silver Hearts is special abilities exclusive to for a special race under the same name. This is mostly known specially for the Charming Family.
Silver Heart


Silver Heart is a power used by a warrior who manage to murder a large amount of humans. It’s allow him to mimic his enemies power and weapon.


Familar of the Silver Heart

Being the first of the Charming, Familiar who belong to the Hectare Warrior with King Hectare. The human planned to offering Jack Atlas as a sacrifice to become the new avatar of the Silver Heart Devil. His evil way was stop by Siegfried, who gave him the death punishment for trying to murder the king. After his death punishment by the Blazela Family, the Familiar’s soul would haunt his own descendant, offered they're soul for him.

Rupert Charming

Rupert slowly felt his own heart awaken when he became the main leader of the Vanguards. His heart start slowly suffering pain in his chest during his few encounter of Yuya, and his love, Tanya. Of course, Rupert begin to shrug it out as a sign to stop smoking. After the Vanguards disband, Rupert never mention his few pain to the other.

Silver Heart awaken after Rupert face Changedroid, gaining his abilities of copying his enemies power and weapon when Yuri invasion in Hectare City. While it’s belief him, the drawback of Silver Heart is that he see the death of past victim by these villain. This is show by his fight with Armando Ramos when he mention Tanya’s number of death, as Rupert is cruse of seeing those evert. This will led to Rupert developing a much more cynical outlook on life and is far more brooding and serious. He finds himself unable to enjoy his role and attempts to end his battle as quickly as possible. Despite this, he still deeply care for his friends, became much more distant towards them and not wanting them to be hurt by the danger his presence tends to attract. He slowing being his recover after he finally admit his true feeling to Tanya and manage to disband Angel Corps as a whole.

Familiar would encounter Rupert time times during his time in the Striker Dimension. Familiar meet Rupert, trying to turn him into the dark side again. When Rupert and the other enter the tops of Hex-Side City, Rupert decide to face Familiar in his dream with Yuya joining him.

Enoki Shigeru

Familiar need to flee away in Hell after Rupert manage to damage his own eyes. Enoki requested the same after his betrayed from Rupert. Their final encounter is back in Common, where Familiar united with Enoki to face Rupert in a Fist Battle. While being equip match, Rupert removed Familiar away from Enoki as he throw him in the jerk while leaving Enoki fates to be unknown. In a shocking turn a evert, Enoki suffer a fatal heart attack, with his body permanently damage and disappear forever.

Silver Heart Charming


Cinderella Charming

It’s unknown rather or not Rupert and Tanya’s children, Cinderella will have the same afford as her father in the future.

People who Used Silver Heart

Rebellion Soul

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