• Slash - 50 Damage

Super Attacks

  • Tentacle - 70 Damage
  • Power Slash - 90 Damage

In Universe of Lawl

Snide was once part of Heckyl for being in Two forms in One Body, due to Them getting Destroyed, Snide and Heckyl was Spit up from their One Body and Two Forms Curse, Snide was Revived by Anti-Jacob and Formed the Brutal Six and Make Monster Town, but due to Anti-Jacob giving him a Lack of Missions

Snide's Partner Ship with Anti-Jacob and The Rest of The Brutal Six will fall

Snide was also part of The Three Monsters

After Snide ruin Lord Arcanon's plan, he and Jordas and HFE have The Dark Energem to cause Havoc

Appears in

Main Story

  • The Dark Energem Saga
  • The Three Monsters Saga
  • The Royale Special Event Saga

Side Story

  • Monster Town Saga

What-If Story

  • ???

Friends and Enemies