The Southern Kingdom is one of the few region island area in the Hectare Central.


Unlike the Q-Bee and the Wasp, the Bee in the Southern Kingdom are a peaceful region that known for having tribe of beautiful and voluptuous female. Like the Female in Hectare, the Bee are full of virtue and shine in their bodies shared their environment and residence with many beings of nature.

The region is rules by King Nemestock and his wife, Queen Etakarinae. They later have two daughters, Princess Willow and Dehorena.

Parasite Rise

In a tragic turn of everts, a bunch of creature start invasion the South Bee Kingdom. King Nemestock requested Petronilkha to take Willow, Dehorena and 50 of the Best Bees Warrior away to other region.

This led to the Southern Kingdom to became a Frozen Wasteland. When the Bees return to the base, it's revealed that the Parasite cause the evert. The Bees decide to escape the island with many loose. King Nemestock is later revealed to be the true mastermind, killing his wife to complete his Parasite Army to take over Hectare.


While King Nemestock and his Parasite Army would failed their mission of taking over Hectare thank to Micani Golosa and the Hectare Warriors, it's unknown if the Southern Kingdom to reformed after the Parasite attack. However, the royal still belong to Willow (Now Queen) and Dehorena.

Known Residents

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