Steven Star "aka The Spoon Warrior" is a Heroic Man with a Power to turn into a Shadow. Unlike the Other Shadows, Steven(Along with his Brother: Ralph Star) work as a Team to Stop Evil Shadows from Taking Over, Along with a Team with Cyclone, and Joseph D. Francis.

  • Dark Steven - ??? Damage

About Him in World of Lawl

He's not only a Man with a Team, But is By Far the Best Person in Town. Almost Everyone friends with him. He's even a Married Man, Being married to Stocking Anarchy and Having a Child named: Rosa Anarchy (Named after Steven's Mother). His Family Main Goal is to Protect Each other from what ever comes their way. After Stocking and Rosa commit Suicide, Steven was depressed, until Fiona comes and cheers him up. Eventually they stay together again.

He almost met Nakoruru who told her that She would be a great mother. She did got pregent with Steven Child and named her Rosaruru

Story Appear in

Main Story

  • All Saga (Except a few ones)

Side Story

  • Hades Saga (Supporting and Training Rosa)
  • Rosa Saga (Died from Sonic.exe/Saved by Rosa)

What If Story

  • Dark Oak Saga (Being Controled by the Dark Oak)
  • Rosa Saga (Saved by Sandvich33)
  • Legend of Stocking Saga (Being Controled by Amon)
  • Rule 63 Saga (as Stephanie Star)
  • High School Saga (As Stephanie Star)

Friends and Enemies

Family Member



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